Dating, marriage, and all of the above

Being a Christian in a three year long dating relationship, I think you can assume what question gets asked quite often.

So when’s the wedding?

Tanner and I have a funny story, and when I think about it, I just picture God laughing from above at what He was doing with us. There are plenty of times that we could have broken up, or we could have not ended up together, but I am a believer in God making ways. He makes ways for what is right in His plan.

Oh and the wedding is not soon, I promise Mom!

But being surrounded by hundreds of young souls who are hungry to be loved and to find the one, and to live a happily ever after, I knew I wanted to write more on this.

We walk in a world where everything has been made straight-lined for us and if we begin to slightly curve right, we’re immediately titled as risky or irresponsible or just different.

It’s almost like if we marry too old or too young, or if marriage is never in the books we’re not doing marriage the right way. If we’re not dating in college, if we’re dating around, or if we’re dating the same person, we’re not doing dating right.

Weddings are one of my guilty pleasures. I can sit for hours with my best friend; fantasizing, daydreaming, and admiring the most dazzling wedding videos. I mean, who can’t use a good tear jerker here and there? But when our dreams and hopes turn into doubts and dishonors, we began to lose understanding. God didn’t promise marriage. We haven’t signed an agreement with Him. He didn’t promise a one way or the highway relationship. If dating and marriage is in His plan, He won’t always promise timing. God doesn’t have a rule book of when’s. His plans arrive just like whirlwinds: unexpected and always changing.

Too often I set expectations, dates, demands, and plans that have all to do with the desires of the world and myself. I expect things to go one way and wow do they boomerang a whole other way.

But the funny part? That way was always the right way. From the beginning, He knew what He was doing. And we got to glorify while He paved the way. I’ve always been a solid believer in the Lord opening doors. He opened the door for Tanner and I to start dating, and has blessed that ever since. I trust that He has plenty more doors to unlock. But it’s not only a matter of trust.

Man, do we forget that trust needs authenticity. It needs realness. I am crazy guilty of saying out loud I trust God will provide, but my fear of future plans don’t. We can say we trust that God will lead us and we will follow. We can say we trust that His plan is the right one, and that His doors lead to satisfaction. But can we truly believe this, even if His plans aren’t what we had planned?

There is no one way or right way to doing singleness, dating, or marriage except to authentically trust. Trust in the Lord to pave your paths and make ways for what is supposed to be.

Pray with humility, and show him your weakest desires and barest soul. He knows you desire a husband. He knows you aren’t happy in the relationship you’re in. He knows your season of singleness feels dry. He knows you.

Be real with Him. He loves and longs for you more than any man ever can.


his love is an every moment everyday, always -Housefires/This Love-




One thought on “Dating, marriage, and all of the above

  1. So beautiful and true. I am so glad God made a path for you and Tanner to come together and live a life together honoring the Lord.


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